Whether round, rectangular or used as a re bowl, Metallico planters open up unique possibilities for individual planting in gardens and outdoor spaces. Metallico was specially developed to meet the highest standards in form, function and quality. The aesthetic fusion of nature with Swiss design and cra smanship makes Metallico products exquisitely eye-catching in private or public gardens, terraces and interiors.

Metallico combines robust diversity with nature.

The Metallico product line o ers elegance and style and can be customised to your individual requirements. For example, all planters are available in custom sizes and in the full range of RAL colours. The colours do not fade—they retain their intensity over the years. The round planters are made of aluminium, and the square models are made of chrome steel—so all Metallico planters are guaranteed rust and winter proof.

Metallico combines intelligent functionality with nature.

Metallico planters add a decorative touch while also providing additional privacy. Available with feet or hidden casters, they feature numerous intelligent details. For example, all square and rectangular models come with a service channel for concealed supply of electricity and water as standard. In addition, a water over ow outlet prevents waterlogging and an insulating layer protects your plants from heat and cold.

Urban gardening is a key trend. With our new modular raised bed, you will soon be harvesting your own fruit and vegetables. Quick and easy to assemble, it opens up totally new possibilities. Simply select the ideal size and your desired colour.



• Aluminium AND chrome steel
• Available in the full range of RAL colours
• Sleek and modern
• Handmade
• Exceptionally strong and durable
• Highly colourfast 
• Can be used indoors or outdoors 
• Easy te clean 
• Maintenance-friendly


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