Serenity, harmony and the warm colour of wood: the characteristics that make this
Collezione unique.

By nature, wood has a lovely look; it is strong, durable, lightweight and environment-
friendly. With the wooden flowerpots and planters of the Collezione Marrone, you create a simple and natural atmosphere. Because the products are made from recycled wood, every product is unique. Every piece of wood has its own story and therefore, every Marrone planter brings a bit of history into your home. Furthermore, recycled wood is durable, sturdy and solid.

In addition, wood is a very environment-friendly material. We don’t need a lot of energy to produce and process wood. Moreover, we use only recycled wood so no need to fell any trees for our products. Purely nature! Just how relaxed do you want to be when enjoying yourself?


• Recycled wood
• Equipped with water-tight insert pots
• Warm, ambient look
• Handmade
• Every item is unique 
• For indoor use only 
• Excellent value for you money 
• Maintenance-friendly
• Environment-friendly


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