Enjoy the best of two worlds with the Collezione Grigio: the robust look of concrete and the lightweight, yet maintenance-friendly character of plastic.

This Collezione consists of a unique range of flowerpots and planters made from glass-fibre reinforced plastic. This is an excellent material that not only makes the products lighter and thus easy to use, but it is also very strong and resistant to all weather conditions.

The Collezione Grigio consists of a large selection of shapes, colours and sizes. There is always an appropriate flowerpot or planter for your garden. This Collezione is also very suitable if you are looking for a large size. Because the material is exceptionally strong and durable, the products in this Collezione can be supplied in XXL sizes. Moreover, thanks to an intensive and careful development process, these pots have a beautiful and natural feel. The ‘Concrete’ look is especially unique in the market.


• GFK Epoxy Glass Resin
• Superb, natural look
• Exceptionally strong and durable
• Lightweight, easy to manage
• Can be used indoors or outdoors
• Easy te clean
• Maintenance-friendly
• Highly colourfast


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