Is your personal style sleek and modern? Then the Collezione Argento is the perfect choice for you.

This Collezione consists of a series of high-quality planters, flowerpots and vases made from polyester and stone powder. This is a perfect combination of materials with superb characteristics that have proven their worth during the past 10 years. Luca Lifestyle has also devoted attention to the finish. The pots last for a long time and can withstand all weather conditions. Moreover, the products are exceptionally maintenance-friendly and easy to clean. They look as good as new even after many years.

The timeless products in this collection are easy to use, durable, modern and
weatherproof. You can select from diverse shapes and various modern chic colours.
There is always a suitable solution for your needs!


• Polyester and stone powder 
• sleek and modern 
• Handmade 
• Exceptionally strong and durable 
• Highly colourfast 
• Can be used indoors or outdoors 
• Easy to clean 
• Maintenance-friendly 


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